Exhibition and release at the Moltkerei


Performances on Thursday, 12.09.2019, 19.00 – 21.00
Exhibition: 13.09. – 16.09.2019, 15.00 – 18.00 Uhr

Do we know what a voice can do? The publication EQUIVOCATIONS focuses on the political, performative and poetic aspects of voice and language. The book with CD brings together compositions, texts and notations that think of the phenomenon voice as a constant ambiguity: between word and pure sound, between intimacy and publicity, between forms of imitation and difference. With a performance program and an exhibition, the approaches from the publication will be taken up and expanded.

With Andreas Niegl, Dawid Liftinger, Elisa Kühnl, Franziska Windisch, Hanna Noh, Hye Young Sin, Jiyun Park, Mathilde Hawkins, Nils Herzogenrath, Paula Pedraza, Shabnam Azar, Sophia Bauer, Sybella und Dora Perry

Moltkerei Werkstatt e.V.
Moltkestr. 8 (courtyard), 50674 Cologne