Neigungsgruppe Medienfassade

5.- 9. september 2019, Ars Electronica Center

curator: Dawid Liftinger

By approaching the facade of the Ars Electronica Center as an oversized (yet direct) stage towards the public sphere, the students of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne propose an analysis, exploration, and even revision of the façade’s role, meaning and functions. Through manifold site-specific interventions including interactive, political, expanded/animated, performative and art historical aspects, the façade serves as vector and container for individual artistic discourses to coexist.


Tape: Mayuko Kudo

Overloading / Overloaded: Touch me gently: Yue Wang

Nord Süd: Moritz Laumert

Hyperscreen [Testpattern]: Dawid Liftinger

Defacing: Camilo Sandoval

Symmetry: Sooyeun Lee

Body Public Space Visual Image: Bela Usabaev


Neigungsgruppe Medienfassade: