exMedia is an academic group which shares the conviction that
– experimental aesthetic projects and socio-technical research lead to an
– expansion of scholarly and creative horizons that effectively address
– existential human conditions in the 21st Century.
exMedia integrates design, coding, sound, animation and literary writing.
exMedia connects critical reflection with experimental approaches based on fundamental questions raised by individuals and society. exMedia works on the conditions of a technology driven culture and addresses its future including post-media perspectives.

In this blog exMedia staff and students are invited to present some of their thoughts and current work in progress, to use the blog as a platform to exchange and to think about approaches, inspirations, discourses and perspectives.
Starting with some of our events, seminar presentations and a series with interviews, the blog is a place to be expanded as exMedia itself is doing so.
If you are interested to participate or contribute a post please write to Erica Boccasso and Karin Lingnau.