welcome: Shuree Sarantuya

*Beginning at the KHM: What are the things you are most looking forward to and/or are excited about?

I am looking forward to working with students who bring a multitude of different topics, ideas, approaches, and temporalities with them. I find it exciting to seek answers to any technical or artistic bumps along the way and help to develop artwork that is not just about the final product but also celebrates the path of learning, exploring, and experimenting with tools that we can provide within the academy context. I would like to encourage collaborative work that can bridge people and create a shared space where we can explore the overlapping aspects of our artistic interests. 

* What is your artistic background? What are your main starting points in being an artist?

I was born as a first-generation non-nomadic person in a sedentary household in the capital Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia. I had access to computers, the internet, and video games from a young age due to my family’s small business repairing computers. After I graduated from the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree as a film and broadcast director, I had an interest in 2D digital animation that guided me into 3D animation and film.
Until February 2024 I studied at KHM with a focus on game engine-based video content. Most of my work centralizes on ethnic minorities, the last nomadic tribes, and indigenous peoples in North, East, and Central Asia. I base my practice on artistic research and nomadic knowledge that leads to an experimental procedure in which I use diverse digital media to depict the constant transition/migration of a nomadic household to a sedentary lifestyle. 

* Which three words would you use to describe yourself or your topics?

Mobility over monumentality


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