welcome: JUNG Saeyun

JUNG_saeyun_working at laptop_background pattern projection

*Beginning at the KHM: What are the things you are most looking forward to and/or are excited about?

I am deeply passionate and excited about the utilization of cutting-edge media technologies. I have a keen interest in diversifying animation production and demonstrations using AR, VR, projection mapping, and touch designer. My goal is to experiment with these new technologies alongside students and explore their possibilities together. Additionally, I aspire to develop new forms of performing arts through collaborations with interactive media, sound design, and contemporary dance. By doing so, I aim to prepare for the era of hypermedia and provide new creative experiences at the intersection of technology and art.

* What is your artistic background? What are your main starting points in being an artist?

My artistic journey is shaped by a variety of experiences. My first job was controlling lighting in a disco club, a role that required a deep understanding of dynamic performances. My second job was as a photographer, where I learned to capture moments and leave a strong impression with a single photograph. During my studies in animation at KHM, I strived to merge the strengths of these two professions. These experiences have led me to video mapping, a form of art that combines performance with striking visual impressions. My artistic path focuses on creating emotionally resonant and memorable works, drawing from diverse experiences across different fields.

* Which three words would you use to describe yourself or your topics?

Maximum Mix 
Unreal Made Real


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