This is the result of an animation video mapping workshop that pays homage to the Mirabal sisters. Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa were murdered on 25 November 1960 for their resistance to the Dominican dictator Trujillo. They are accompanied by the names of other women who defend themselves daily against abuse and remind us of the zero tolerance towards any kind of violence against women.

With// Participants: Mayuko Kudo, Phaidonas Gialis, Setare Mohammad Karimi Sabeti, Lenia Friedrich, Agnese Politikaite, Nausheen Javed, Rosangela de Araujo, Camila Kater, Diego Heguera, Sarah Thibol, Yavuz Volkan Kutucu, Isabel Herguera, Jung Saeyun, Tania de León Yong.

A workshop by: Tamás Zador; sound design: Tobias Hartmann