AR Project

KHM Animationsstudio

Every day of the year, and especially on 25 November each year, we at KHM say “NO to violence against women!” again and again.

Violence against women is a serious public welfare problem and a violation of human rights. It affects women as well as their children and has a high social impact on women, their families and society.

The global campaign “Orange The World” wants to highlight this situation and give us space to show our position.

To shape our voice, we used drawing, animation and augmented reality on the poster “Orange The World”. The colour orange stands for a future without violence. The women in our poster were drawn and animated by KHM students, using different techniques and styles to show that violence is a big problem that affects all women.

Drawing: Lenia Friedrich, Julia Jesionek, Naama Heiman, Li-an Hong, Setareh Karimi, Polina Korovina, Priska Joanna Kubelka, Mayuko Kudo, Hojin Lee, Diana Menestrey, Agnese Politikaite

Animation: Saioa Fischer Abaigar, Paulina Akbay, Inga Drzazga, Lian Hong, Viktoria Kubitza, Hojin Lee, Jana Marzi, Anastasia Osoianu, Kageyama Tadaomi, Christopher Todd,  Shipeng Ouyang, Claudia Wear, Farah Wind

Sound design: Tobias Hartmann

Workshop and Aumented Reality: Jung Saeyun

KHM ANIMATIONSSTUDIO: Isabel Herguera, Tania de León Yong, Zil Lilas