next_generation 8.0

The eighth edition of the next_generation biennial festival will take place at the ZKM from Wednesday, 5 June to Sunday, 9 June 2019. Over five days, an exciting and dense programme will be offered on the latest positions on the themes of “Fixed Media”, “Space Music” and “Live Electronics”.

This year, the festival will focus on “live coding”. Thus, next_generation 8.0 guarantees a representative overview of the current creative work of the next generation of composers in the context of technology and art.

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media

Participants fron KHM Cologne

Formalhaut (Andreas Niegl, Camilo Sandoval, Jiyun Park)
Dawid Liftinger
Hye Young Sin
Mira Hanak

Friday, 07.06.

Session IV

14:00 0.00002083 seconds, Tobias Hartmann

14:15 Transduction, translation, transformation, Camilo Sandoval

Concert V, 17:00 Uhr, Medientheater

Sonology The Hague

KHM CologneTrio Formalhaut: Formalhaut VII – Adrian’s Revenge
Live audiovisual performance
Formalhaut is Jiyun Park, Camilo Sandoval and Andreas Niegl

Saturday, 08.06.

Audiovisuelle Live-Performance, Live-Act und DJ-Sets:

  • David Liftinger, KHM Köln (Audiovisuelle Performance)

DJ Sets

Rae Chill Rose, KHM Köln 

Andreas Niegl, KHM Köln