lecture: çapulcu


14.11.2019, 14-16h – Lecture and discussion
with the editors’ collective çapulcu

AI as clock generator of technocratic retrotopias
Technology is not a tool, it is a means to an end – it was and is never neutral! It is convenient but ahistorical to reduce technology to a simple tool and to shift the political content onto the “external” conditions of its “application”. Thus, the dynamics of technological development cannot be grasped as an instrument of domination. We therefore consciously speak of a technological attack in order to understand the ideological content beyond the tool character

We want to discuss a more comprehensive view of technology that does justice to the social effectiveness of our opponent – technocracy.

About çapulcu: In the course of the Gezi protests in 2013 in Istanbul, the editors’ collective çapulcu was formed. A group of technology-critical activists* and hacktivists* who placed their work in solidarity in this context from the very beginning.

çapulcu has since published texts in various left-wing media, developed HowTo’s on digital self-defence and offered discussion events, seminars and loops to counter the technological attack.

The editors’ collective advocates a revival of practical technology critique between refusal and resistive appropriation of specific techniques and regularly publishes brochures in this context.

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