exMedia evening 3

Experimental – Expanded – Existential –> exMedia

Tonights topic: “Rule and Play”
with Christian Faubel, Jonas Hansen, hans w. koch, Zilvinas Lilas
30th june 2016

Talks in VR, thoughts about rules and rhythms, rules without rules, a balancing music machine, playing in and as a system, painting by randomized lots in a human-assisted democratic rendering engine…

The new department exMedia introduces itself on three summer nights. Exemplary projects and positions, small experiments and visualizations show a glimpse of the diverse topics in the domains of Animation/3D, Experimental Informatics, Hybrid Space, Sound and Transformation Design. As the start of the new department, we are inviting to contemplate about how topics of globalization and movement of social change are concerning us. What kind of transformations determines our fields of work? How can we name universalia and synergies? What kind of role will experimental, expanded and existential moments play?
As an open format the evenings are reflecting the multiple approaches and perspectives of exMedia: images, sounds and objects enjoy the same priority as words, every moment and every spot in the Aula can become a source of discoursive and performative talks or encounters.
Every evening will be completed with collective culinary creations.