Artificial Intelligence – Enrichment or Paternalism?

Tuesday, 18.6.2019

13.30 Lab for Experimental Informatics, Filzengraben 8-10

lecture and discussion with capulco

Artificial intelligence (AI) directs communication in the social media, reorganises the world of work in the sense of an industry 4.0 and is leading the transformation of the health care system towards a completely personalized medicine.

How much enrichment and how much paternalism there is in the Digitization of all areas of life? What freedom promises so “digitalism” is the connection of everyone with everything? What means a permanent measurement and evaluation of all actions and social relations for our immediate future – we will be more predictable, or even controllable? How does “Public” and the Democratic Negotiation Process of different interests change? Is our “freedom” reduced to that of “users”, who are Consumers and data providers between different pre-defined software products? How is the economy organizing new via digital platforms ? Are “social point systems” for behavior control (in China) already totalitarian?
And if the future is actually so strongly determined by others, what could be
collective ways out of a programmed society?

capulco: keep the future unwritten