a true story

The exMedia animation studio presents

a true story
(based on a narrative by Lukian of Samosata)

Chapters by Amanda Teixeira, Carmen Rivadeneira, Elahe Garussi, Emmanuel Homberger, Emily Searle, Hye Young Sin, Johan Steven Serrano, Julia Jesionek, Karen Zimmermann, Kenneth Bergfeld, Lisa Bülow, Nausheen Javed, Priska Kubelka, Rebana Liz John, Yue Wang

Animation films, VR installation, video installation
At the animation studio, Filzengraben 18-24, KHM

This joint project was inspired by “A True Story”, a parody-laden travel report, written by Greek-speaking and Syrian-origin author Lucian de Samosata. Written in the 2nd century A.D. it is one of the earliest well-known literary representations about travelling to outer space, alien life-forms and interplanetary warfare. Thought of as a satire against the contemporary and past histeriography, where it was common to uncritically present fantastic and mythological events as facts.
In the seminar A TRUE STORY was divided into 11 chapters, with each student choosing his or her own favourite one. The techniques chosen were as diverse and invidiual such as working with dolls, techniques of painting, drawing, life action or 3D animation as the final formats like film, video installation and VR. Aim of each work was to reconstruct the narrative out of the different parts and at the same time to open up a discourse on the relation between technology, fantasy and aesthetics.