soundings #015

soundings #015
Thursday, January 24, 2019
20:00, KHM Aula


Miako Klein | Recorders (Berlin)

Brad Henkel | Trumpet (Berlin / NYC)

WARBLE has been working together as an improviser / composer duo in Berlin for several years.

In their pieces they portray the outer and inner life of their instruments with the help of amplification and targeted miking. They have developed their own sound vocabulary – noise, whistling overtones, air – and breath sounds, and percussive beats, with which they usually deal in a reduced way in order to gradually transform from one sound space to the next.


soundings # is a series of concerts, performances, sound art and expanded lectures produced by the sound department. Open to the general public and free of admission, events usually take place at the KHM Aula. Further information can be read here and at the Klanglabor.