workshop: Valuable Waste

Friday, April 27, 10.30 – 12.00
ExMedia Lab, Filzengraben 8-10, 4. OG
Workshop facilitator: Verena Friedrich

waste, food, excess, re-cycling, DIY, DIWO, organic matter, composting, humus, fertilizer, soil, smell, transformation, aerobic/anaerobic, fermentation, bokashi, microorganisms, lactic acid bacteria, yeast, vermicomposting, worms, invertebrates, anthropocentrism, multispecies perspectives, ecosystem, earth

You will learn to:
– build your own DIY bokashi bucket – OR – worm bin (materials will be provided)
– explore the workings of microorganisms (e.g. lactobacilli) and compost worms (e.g. Eisenia fetida or “red wigglers”) and how 
to cultivate them at home

You should bring:
– various organic materials, collected kitchen scraps and leftovers (more info via email  after registration)

Please send an email to until April 22 if you actively want to take part in the workshop as materials are limited. The workshop will be held in German and/or English.

Workshop_Valuable-Waste (pdf)