welcome: Tania de Leon Yong

* Beginning at the KHM: What are the things you are most looking forward to and/or are excited about?
I’m excited about the interdisciplinary work with my colleagues and with the students. I find the different ideas, concepts and projects around Ex-media really fascinating.

* What is your artistic/scientific background? What are your main starting points in being an artist and/or scientist?
I worked for a long time on drawing, engraving and creating artistic books, later on I started working on animation. And continued drawing. The animated image became a major concern in my work. I’ve been doing and mentoring hybrid and experimental animation projects for several years. Recently, I’ve been building up a series of animated installations, Chronography, a Personal Digest about Time, related to different concepts of time. My experimentation with different animated drawing techniques has extended to VR.

* Which three words would you use to describe yourself or your topics?
Time. Movement. Experimental animation.


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