soundings #020

soundings #020
Thursday, November 18, 2019
20:00, KHM Aula

Viola Luba and Frieda Frost (nutrospektif)

Urban dance and the power of Call & Response with nutrospektif.

The two urban dancers with roots in Breaking (Breakdance) Viola Luba and Frieda Frost from nutrospektif enter into a dialogue with themselves, with each other and with the audience. How can a movement change? How can movement be guided? What happens when spontaneity and improvisation steers the performance in a new direction? Dance and music play just as important a role as the audience, which becomes a participant in the lecture performance of the two dancers.

*soundings # is a series of concerts, performances, sound art and expanded lectures produced by the sound department. Open to the general public and free of admission, events usually take place at the KHM Aula. Further information can be read here and at the Klanglabor.