DRINNEN-DRAUSSEN-DRUNTER-DRÜBER at Filzengraben 8-10 and 18-24

poster exmedialab

at Filzengraben 8-10 and 18-24
During the “Rundgang”, exMediaLab, experimental informatics, Klanglabor and β-lab present works on the courtyard in Filzengraben 8-10 as well as adjacent rooms all the way up to the roof. A daily changing program of installations, interventions, performances and concerts will be shown. Also take a look at Filzengraben 18-24 to the Animationlab and Hybrid Space.

This includes a first appearance of a newly founded ensemble for experimental music (experimental music workshop), a Garden, a walk-in temporary room structure of the seminar “sound / architekturen”, as well as performances and presentations of seminars on the topics “sampling”, “politics of listening”, “space and noise”.  A fuller dome, a steampunk helmet and a dance mat are also included, refreshments will be taken care of as part of an installation.

courtyard, stair case,  exMedia Labor (4th floor), Klanglabor, β-Lab inside and outside
installations, concerts, performances and a radio
regular openings if not otherwise mentioned:
wednesday 18:00-20:00, thursday – sunday 14:00-20:00

Detailed program:

installations, posters, performances, installations, a dome and a radio

wednesday 18/07 21:00-22:00
itinerant rhythms
audio via otic.radio, video, posters

with contributions by Krishna Dörfler, Bohye Lee,
Christopher Krause, Thomas Meckel, Andreas Niegl,
Jiyun Park, Sybella Perry, Janosch Pugnaghi, Hye Young Sin,
Mi Anchi Trinh, Davide Tidoni, Lilian Villalba and
Sebastian von der Heide

Agustina Andreoletti, Sybella Perry

wednesday 21:00-22:00
politics of listening (on world listening day)

thursday – sunday 14:00-20:00
Broadcasting Program

thursday 15:00-16:00
Max Höller, Antonia Koerfer

Dawid Liftinger
AARA (AutoAkustischer RückkopplungsApparat)
temporary sound Installation


exMediaLab, 4th floor
installations, one performance

Andreas Finger
The Helmet

Nausheen Javed
Deep Sleep

Florian Liesenfeld
Anorganische Begegnungen

Mattis Kuhn

Carmen Lucía Rivadeneira Velasco

Max Zhu
You Will Figure It Out! double double

sunday 22/07
Thomas Reul
Vom Fallen und anderen Fällen
presentation with performative examples

Yihang Yang
vertical city
sound installation


concerts, performances, installations
Friday 20/07
18:00 experimental music workshop & guests
– Hye Young Sin, Intervals(7)
black box synthesizing
John Cage: Cartridge Music

experimental music workshop:
Juan Francisco Rodriguez Cuellar, Bohye Lee, Juan Esteban Restrepo Monsalve, Jiyun Park,
Hye Young Sin, Yihang Yang
and Guests: Marie-Claire Delarber, Levin Krasel, Dawid Liftinger, Andreas Niegl, José Noriega, Andrés Rivas, Max Mauro Schmid, Andreas Niegl

Jiyun Park
kinetic sound installation & self-performance

saturday 21/07
Friedrich Boell, Tim Dönges, Tobias Hartmann
to sample

Joel Jaffe
Modular Circuits

corridor Klanglabor
Akiko Ahrendt


 inside and outside
installations, performances, interventions

Sounds Like Emergency –

How can an institutional space be transformed
into a social space by the interplay of sound and architecture?
with Anne Arndt, Bella Perry, Bohye Lee,
Hye Young Sin, Mariana Bártolo, Marie Altgen, Pascal Dreier, Sooyeun Lee, Sophia Bauer (Seminar Architecture & Sound)

Bohye Lee, Sooyeun Lee

wednesday 20:00-22:00 / thursday – saturday 18:00-20:00
The Sound of Gin Tonic
intervention/installation at β-Lab-window

with Anne Arndt, Bella Perry, Bohye Lee, Hye Young Sin, Mariana Bártolo, Marie Altgen, Pascal Dreier, Sooyeun Lee, Sophia Bauer

thursday – sunday 16:00 (30 minutes)
Bohye Lee
performance inside β-Lab